Today’s Writing Tidbits from Last Gladiator

Enjoy a sneak peak at my WIP novella – the Last Gladiator

Here’s Thursday’s tasteful tidbit of my most recent writing from the Last Gladiator. I’ve got almost 7,000 words, and now you get to enjoy some of them, courtesy of my newest main character – Lucia.

Anyone interested in being a beta reader – better let me know asap as I’m looking for feedback on this novella by Labor Day!

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T-Minus Three Days

T-Minus Three Days to Steel Praetorian!

Salve! In less than three days, we take the plunge into Steel Praetorian. Meanwhile, I’m still cracking away at Laurel Emperor, although (insert random excuse here) progress is not as good as hoped. Tonight’s writing featured General Marius Regillus, of the IV Syrian, in action. Don’t know who he is? Check out Antioch Burns, a novella based entirely on characters created by fans of the Steam Empire Chronicles. Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Smashwords for all other platforms.

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Sneak Peek at Antioch Burns…

Enjoy a short preview of the upcoming novella, Antioch Burns.

Hi all!

In the 4th of July Holiday spirit, I figured I’d share a bit more of the most recent update to Antioch Burns. In this scene, the Mongols attempt to eliminate the remnants of a Roman patrol on the outskirts of Antioch before they can warn the city….

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