Sneak Peek at Antioch Burns…

Enjoy a short preview of the upcoming novella, Antioch Burns.

Hi all!

In the 4th of July Holiday spirit, I figured I’d share a bit more of the most recent update to Antioch Burns. In this scene, the Mongols attempt to eliminate the remnants of a Roman patrol on the outskirts of Antioch before they can warn the city….

The battering ram struck again. The wagon nearly tipped backwards this time, leaning forward again only at the last second. The sounds of battle spread along the perimeter, as the Mongols stretched the defenders thin.

“Got it!” The old man cried out behind them. At that moment the barricade collapsed inward as the attackers pushed in. Splinters and debris shot outwards, banging off of helmets and shields.

“Whatever it is, use it!” Regillus cried out as he leveled his repeater. “Fire!” he shouted. The repeater bolts shot out, chopping down Mongolians as they picked their way through the barricade remains. The Romans kept up a constant fire, but the Mongolians finally managed to force their way in, using the cover of night and the dead bodies of their compatriots as cover. Chanting war cries, the Mongolians charged over the open ground.

As an additional reminder, Roma Aeronautica comes out in less than a month! I’ll be updated the website later to reflect this latest addition to the Steam Empire Chronicles family!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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