Brass Legionnaire Officially Updated!

The New Edition is officially up and ready to go!

Edition 2.0 is now ready and in circulation! Just wanted to share that! Otherwise, enjoy this beautiful view of IMG_1494.jpgthe Blackburn Inn in Staunton, VA. That’s all from vacation, now back to vacationing!

New edition of Brass Legionnaire coming!

A new edition of Brass Legionnaire is coming!

Hi all,

Where it all began

If you’ve read the title, than you know what this is about! Edition 2.0 of Brass Legionnaire is on the way! Don’t know what that is?! Check it out for only 99 cents on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords!

I wanted to share this because it’s a big step for me to go back and make some subtle tweaks and changes to Brass Legionnaire, improving the overall experience and adding small additional sentences, scenes, and such here and there. It’s not a major change, more a refinement. If you have the digital version of Brass Legionnaire, it should update automatically (within the next month).

I’ll also be excited to share the cover art for the Last Gladiator in the next few weeks.

Until then – Ciao!

Revisions to Brass Legionnaire

Brass Legionnaire gets a make over, and Laurel Emperor is off to the Formatters!

Howdy everyone,

I’ve been working hard on rereading my original novel – Brass Legionnaire – and catching the many errors that seemed to slip under the radar of both myself, my beta readers, and my editor (or, as an alternative read on this, the small errors that escaped only because the big ones took the fire for the little ones. As my introductory novel to the world of the Steam Empire Chronicles, it is important to me that readers want to continue. So I’m going back and revising it.

Another major reason is that the translation process is (finally!!!!) about to be started on Brass Legionnaire, to translate the book into Portuguese, and I’d rather the translators work from an experienced writer’s skills, rather than a novice’s. So to that end, I have a question for my (handful) of blog readers. Once I update Brass Legionnaire’s manuscript, and I updated it to Amazon, B&N, etc., will that change my reviews of the book?

Another question is, will it update the book contents in everyone’s kindle account? Ideally that would be awesome! Anyways, everyone’s thoughts on the matter would be great.

In other news, Laurel Emperor is off to the formatter – the ebook version should be coming out sometime in September, which is perfect for everyone who needs a good read right as school starts again (so you can forget school is starting again!)

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