Building Your Students’ Mindfulness with a Mindfulness Book

Teacher Post Thursday – Build your students’ mindfulness with a mindfulness book!

Howdy everyone!

Thought I’d share a great strategy that I’ve been using this year to help students build the skills needed to develop mindfulness in the classroom. Obviously, it has to be something simple, straightforward, and better yet, cheap and EASY to implement.

img_1439I present to you – the Mindfulness book. (See upper left corner!)

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The Benefits of Summer School – An “In The Trenches” Perspective

This last week, as I wrapped up another summer school program with my local school district, I sat down and reflected on the difference it makes for my underprivileged students.

First time with Paper Mache!

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Equity In Excellence in Education Certificate (And Review!)

mcdaniel logo

I’ve updated my Educational Consulting section of the website to include my latest educational achievement – an Equity in Excellence in Education (EEE) Certificate from McDaniel College.

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Blog Updated! Now Including Educational Consulting!

A brief introduction to a different side of me, the Educational Consultant side!

Hello Everyone!

I’ve finally expanded this blog to include a page detailing my educational consulting, which is an area I’ve recently been working on expanding. As a teacher with several years of experience in a high-needs school and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum, Instruction, and assessment, I believe I’ve got the skills and knowledge necessary to support your school or education based project! You can always contact me through the form above, and we can talk about specifics. I’ve included a few of my previous projects there as well. Let your friends and family know!



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