Building Your Students’ Mindfulness with a Mindfulness Book

Teacher Post Thursday – Build your students’ mindfulness with a mindfulness book!

Howdy everyone!

Thought I’d share a great strategy that I’ve been using this year to help students build the skills needed to develop mindfulness in the classroom. Obviously, it has to be something simple, straightforward, and better yet, cheap and EASY to implement.

img_1439I present to you – the Mindfulness book. (See upper left corner!)

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The Benefits of Summer School – An “In The Trenches” Perspective

This last week, as I wrapped up another summer school program with my local school district, I sat down and reflected on the difference it makes for my underprivileged students.

First time with Paper Mache!

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Equity In Excellence in Education Certificate (And Review!)

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I’ve updated my Educational Consulting section of the website to include my latest educational achievement – an Equity in Excellence in Education (EEE) Certificate from McDaniel College.

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Review: Three Cups of Tea

A Summary and Review of Three Cups of Tea

Three Cups of Tea

  • By Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

The New York Time’s bestseller Three Cups of Tea is the follow up to Mortenson’s earlier book Stones into School. For those of you not acquainted with Mortenson’s work as an educational philanthropist/rock climber/do-gooder/school builder, here is a quick catch-up/summary of the story before my overall thoughts.

1. After a failed attempt to climb K2, one of the toughest/tallest mountains in Pakistan, climber Greg Mortenson, lost, hungry and half frozen, stumbles into the tiny village of Korphe in the Kashmir autonomous region encompassing parts of India, Pakistan, and China. Continue reading “Review: Three Cups of Tea”

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