Project 27 – Eight Dollars

Another poem for Project 27 – Eight Dollars

Salve! Happy snow day to all of you on the American Eastern Seaboard discovering that spring does not yet equal warm weather, as Mother Nature decides “I haven’t really thrown a good snowball this season.”

Regardless, I found some time to do a ton of spring cleaning (Oh hi, dining room table, haven’t seen you in ages!), and this poem struck me mid clean. Another one to add to Project 27, so hope you enjoy.

Eight Dollar$

Yesterday I gave you grief
I hadn’t sleep
I didn’t eat
I made sure that class was hell
Triggered all my classmates
Drove them wild, made them yell, pushed them till they wanted to
Me as well

But you remained
As always
Cloyingly close and frustratingly calm
Ignoring my attempts
Reacting with calm

Math? No thanks, not gonna do that
Reading? Psh, no time, no cares
And yet
I desperately want
Need your approval
Your happy email
Your positive call
Means the world to my mom and all.

Your eight dollar$ erasing
My lunchtime debt
Used to full effect
To find relief from this rampaging beast
Under my chest

Thanks Teach’
I’ve still got plans for you


Thoughts? Feedback? Realizing that I’m still a novice at this? Let me know!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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  1. This is a beautiful snippet of life as a teacher and how much good can be done with a small gift.

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