Project 27 – Grown Up

A new Project 27 Poem – Grown Up

Greetings! Another Project 27 poem for you here. Been thinking a lot about how many of my students are faced with so many choices at a young age and don’t realize how easily others can influence them. It’s a bit terrifying how social media and the like can worm their way into a child’s mind, regardless of the efforts of well meaning parents. Anywho, onto the poem, make of it what you will, as usual!

Grown Up

By Daniel Ottalini
I’m a grown up,
Tall and strong and independent
Don’t need anyone to look after me
I’ve got my friends and that’s all I need
Screw you and your stereotypes too
Back off, or I’ll get you.

I’m an adult, I’m proud to say
Look at these photos I posted
The other day
Daring and oh-so-completely me
105, no 106 likes now. People just
the real me.

Not the one in school
Trying to fit in
Trying to show how smart I am
How talented I am
Just let me show how bad I can be
Not to the teacher, no way.
But to my friends, yes indeed.

I’m completely in control of my actions
Just wait and watch
I’ll do it when no ones looking.
I can be really bad
I promise you.

Like a high schooler
Trapped here in grade school
I’m totally in charge of who I want to be
Until I’m not
And then

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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