Project 27 – Pressure

Another new poem for Project 27 – Pressure

Another poem today! Definitely been a rougher week in general, lots of required things to do. But I managed to sneak in another poem or two. Remember to like and Subscribe to get more in your inbox!


By Daniel Ottalini



Trickle down onto the hard metal bench

Sliding, dripping

In the cold autumn air

Something has happened

But you don’t want to share


It builds and builds inside of you

Churning and burning and making you want

To do nothing but sit there

Like a statue


By time and memory

Until the others have left

You alone

Under your own cloud of misery


Pressure flows downward like a continent

Subsuming under oceans

and mountains

And onto you

Futures decided

Goals decided

Dreams decided

And embraced

But perhaps not always


Will this crush you?

Will it stay

Heavier than a mountain

The focus of others’ hopes and desires and aspirations

That you will do better

You will rise higher

Than an eagle sweeping the Rockies


Be careful

Don’t forget

To bring your friends with you


As others have


It’s lonely

At the top.

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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