How to keep your Writing Mojo – 2016 Edition!

How to keep your Writing Mojo going!

Salve Writers! Today I want to talk about how I keep my Writing Mojo (or whatever else you want to call it!). Hopefully my fellow writers (and readers) will find this interesting!

As you all know, throughout November I participated in NaNoWriMo – which for me is a

Julius Brutus Caesar
If he had a watch, he’d be making sure to stay on his writing schedule.

major motivator to see the little bars go up up up. But what do I do the rest of the year to motivate myself?

Well, first and foremost I try to hold myself accountable. I blog about what I’m doing, and I like to share teasers. If you haven’t noticed much recently, you haven’t seen a teaser in a while. I could tell you its because I don’t want to ruin a chapter. Or be honest and say I needed a break from writing.

Which is another point in keeping your writing mojo! It’s okay to take a break, but not too long of one. Make sure you give yourself down time doing other things. It’s important that you keep it flexible and keep your other hobbies/interests alive!

After that, avoid distractions. I’m absolutely horrible at this most of the time. Turn off facebook, the television, your phone even. Turn off the internet too! I know myself far too well. For example, while writing this article I’ve opened and closed Facebook, Email, and several other websites at least four times. Talk about distracting!

Finally, Music, Media, and Magic – Keeping your writing Mojo is easy if you feed it – with matching music, media (books or videos or games that match your genre/plot) and a bit of magic – finding the right time and place to do your best writing.

For me, that’s early morning and late at night. Night Writers group anyone?

Thanks! Hope you enjoyed! Remember to grab Steel Praetorian, on sale now. The print version should be available by Monday at the latest, as I work the last few kinks out of the back cover. While you’re waiting for that, check out my novellas – Antioch Burns and Roma Aeronautica – to get some more in-depth background on the characters and story of Steel Praetorian!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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