Day 10 – Blog Tour Hosts Wanted!

Looking for some more blog tour hosts for Steel Praetorian’s release day!

Salve! I hope this post improves your day.

In news – I’ve started assembling at least a few blog visits to help promote Steel Praetorian, but I’m still looking for more. If you’ve got a blog, I’ve got five dates open for the next three weeks. I’m willing to trade 1 for 1 or do a feature just for you! Please let me know if you want to join up on my November Novel Showcase!

11/13-11/20 – 1 slots open

11/21-11/26 – 2 slots open

11/27-12/3 – 2 slots open

In Steel Praetorian News – Dedication submitted.

Laurel Emperor Progress: 15,389 (Definitely didn’t do much these last days – school week + US election has been rough on my mental processes. Read the snippet beyond the break.

The part she enjoyed the most was the quiet. Even in the house, where she knew a dozen servants, plus her own people, stood by to attend to her needs, the silence seemed to penetrate all.

The librarium she sat in was generously appointed with high wooden bookshelves, filled to the brim with rows of bound books, delicately rolled scrolls, and even a handful of ancient clay tablets, secreted behind thick glass doors. Her wheelchair sat before the fireplace, a crackling fire that added more heat to the room.

This was truly perfect.

A knock from the hallway tugged at her attention. Sighing inwardly, she placed the tea on a nearby stand.


Thomas entered. His eyebrows were finally growing back after his close call in Thessalonica. General Regillus was not happy the plan changed so much, but even he cannot deny the sheer brilliance of what happened.

“A package has come for you, Senatora.” he held out a thick bundle tied neatly with twine. She took it carefully in her hands, turning it over. A blob of wax, pressed with the Primus Imperio’s signet held the package closed. What could it be?

With excitement she hadn’t felt since her childhood years, she practically tore into the wrapper. Thomas, singed eyebrows raised, silently offered his pocket knife. She nodded her thanks, using it to pop up the wax seal and cut the twine. Octavia returned the knife, then carefully unfolded the package in her lap. Out rolled the most beautiful blanket of deep crimson embroidered with blue and silver lines, forming a series of clouds and lightning bolts along the hem.

A letter slipped out. Thomas came to her rescue once again, picking it up and unfolding it for her. Seeing the familiar handwriting made Octavia smile as she took it in her hands.

“Thank you Thomas, that will be all.”

She looked down at the letter and began to read.

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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  1. Hey Daniel I think I did email you about the tour but just in case, I would be available for an interview anywhere from Nov 27-December 3rd (that way I can finish up my own before that) Just let me know which date between those you need most!

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