Day 11 – Maybe Sent a Character to Heaven?

Snippet doesn’t match the Heading, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

02-devastation-of-sundsvallOh Um…


Maybe, Maybe not.

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Here’s today’s writing snippet below the read more tag. Word Count: 17,032

Octavia smiled as she put down the letter. Constantine’s letters were normally matter of fact, ‘this happened’ or ‘we fought this battle’. Perhaps I am rubbing off on him a bit. She sat back to think, letting the letter rest in her lap. Her next move was crucial, and not because she wanted to trap him or entice him but because she didn’t want to mess this up. Ignoring the fact that Constantine was the rightful heir to the Imperial throne, he was also incredibly nice, kind, hard working, and decent.

A fairytale prince. She laughed. One who doesn’t even consider himself that.

Indeed, if there was any fault to the man, it was that he tried to take care of everyone, even when doing so cause him pain. So far, it had not prevented him from leading effectively, but no doubt it would soon. It always does she said, recalling her own experiences in the Senate.

That was before the war. Now her own experiences were mostly centered around directing loyalists to strike back at the surprisingly resilient rebel armies approaching their positions. Her army could use more men, more material, and more support from Thema Anatolia, ten times what the local garrisons had been able to provide.

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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