Check out my next D&D Module – To the Ramparts! Coming Soon!

Check out my next D&D module – To the Ramparts – siege rules & a sample invasion of the Phandelver valley.

Welcome back! I’ve been hard at work fixing up the next product – To the Ramparts! – This will be an upgraded version of my previously free release of the Invasion of the Phandelver Valley scenarios and rules. Here’s a sneak peak at the cover – I hope you like it! Tell me what you think! Below is a summary of what I’m planning to include.

In this new set of campaign rules and scenarios, follow the trail of an orc invasion of the Phandelver valley. Usable in any setting, with any enemies, this module provides all the following..

  1. Ten new missions hooks usable with any size party, from daring raids on the enemy camp, to escort missions, to harrying attacking siege engines, along with a half dozen maps.
  2. Mission progression to link missions together into a story.
  3. Adaptations for DMs based on the success or failure of the party.
  4. Siege rules allowing the PCs to upgrade the defenses of Phandalin as they see fit, along with a compilation of stat lines for siege units and defensive buildings.
  5. Faction interactions that allow the PCs to truly make their preparations their own.
  6. Connection to the Fort and Castle Lomewood story lines.
  7. An enemy faction – the Blood Eagle Tribe – complete with two new enemy NPCs.
  8. Connections to existing NPCs of the Phandelver Valley, as well as more fully fleshed storylines.
  9. Random siege events
  10. A massive climax battle that allows the PCs to control as much, or as little, of the garrison as they wish.

Tell me what you think, or what else you’d like to see!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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