The Last Gladiator Progress

Hi all,

As promised, here’s a snippet of action from The Last Gladiator. I’ve managed to increase the writing count to 17,000 tonight!

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Buckling Down – Time to Do This

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Naturally – A Day (Month) Late, and a dollar short, time to get this writing show on the road. The goal for this next week is simply to write for an hour each day. That’s it! I can do that!

Check here soon to see more writing!

– Daniel

The Power of Not Making It – A NaNoWriMo Unsuccess Story

Sometimes, you crush your goals, other times, your goals crush you!

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An update, yes please! – NaNoWriMo2019

Hi all,

Unfortunately I’ve been falling behind on my goals – November is a massive crunch time for me this year, with school things, Warhammer Club and Tournament things, plus now D&D things keeping me busy. I’m still going to finish this novella, but I’m falling behind in my goals. Never-the-less, here’s some updated writing!

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The Last Gladiator – NaNoWriMo Update

Hi all!

I’ve made tons of progress on NaNoWriMo’s writing goal – The Last Gladiator! I’ve reached 14,000 words, so nearly halfway about a week in! Read on to get a snippet of what I’ve been writing!

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NANOWRIMO 2019 – Committed!

Hi all!

It’s official! I’ve committed to National Novel Writing Month 2019. Although for me it will be National Novella writing month!

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