The Last Gladiator Progress

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As promised, here’s a snippet of action from The Last Gladiator. I’ve managed to increase the writing count to 17,000 tonight!

Before that could happen, the two nearest gladiators closed on the great beast, two of the heaviest armored cataphractarius-styled men armored head to toe, boasting long lances with explosive tips that they hoped would slow the beast.

The pilot of the machine was having none of it. He pushed his machine forward, sweeping his massive gladius in a long arc. The nine-foot long blade was as thick as a human and keenly sharp.

Sharp enough to slice clean through one of the gladiators, his companion ducking to the ground with barely a moment to spare. His companion’s death buying him time, he rolled and came up to his knees before stumbling to his feet. The lance point wavering, he charged, just in time to be smacked backwards by the return swing of the mechagladiator’s sword. Fortunately for him, the ‘fist’ of the machine struck him, rather than the blade, launching him backwards at least twenty feet.

From what Lucia could see, she didn’t think he’d be getting up any time soon.

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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