What’s coming next?

What’s next for the Steam Empire Chronicles – make your voice heard!

So, with the recent release of Laurel Emperor (Now available on Nook or Kindle or Smashwords) I’ve been doing a long, hard think about where I’m going to go from here. I do have a handful of ideas, of which I’ll be happy to share with you today. I’m also interested in hearing from you, my readers! What aspects of the world of Romanpunk would you like to see or read about? Which of these ideas sound good to you?

Ideas already in the works.

More airship crashes?
  1. Paperback of Laurel Emperor (within next few months)
  2. Anthology of all 5 novels in one single book (paperback only – with additional illustrations)
  3. Young Adult concept focused in the world of Romanpunk and the Speculatores (spy-like drama)

What else would you like to see?


Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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