50 Ways to Kill a Character Part II

50 Ways to Kill a Character Part II – With even more awesome ways for your characters (or NPCs, for that matter) to bite the dust.


So in case you missed it, my first 50 Ways to Kill a Character was the most successful blog post I’ve ever written (and to be honest, I wrote it half as a joke for my own sanity.) Now that I have 5 books and counting under my belt, I decided it was time to make a part II. Read on, brave writers, and make sure you subscribe to my blog for more writer tips and support like this list!

Remember, not all of these are applicable, but hopefully get some of your brain cells thinking. Let me know which ones you find useful!

  1. Automobile + (Insert other vehicle not commonly used here)
  2. Train decoupling
  3. Aggressive Automatic Doors
  4. Malfunctioning Airship Gasbag
  5. Malfunctioning Airship
  6. Malfunctioning…well, anything really.
  7. Heart attack brought on by fast food
  8. Splinter Infection
  9. Spy-Cyanide Capsule
  10. Assassinated by an ex-lover
  11. Dive Bomb Gone Wrong
  12. Poorly timed cavalry charge
  13. Pedestrian Accident
  14. Strong winds and an umbrella
  15. Industrial Sized Fan – Need I say more?
  16. Falling Stage Light/Prop
  17. Trip into a hedge-clipper
  18. Attempting to crowd surf
  19. Carrying out your recycling
  20. Bringing in those 10 bags of groceries in one trip.
  21. Strangled by your sheets
  22. Water Heater Turned up to Maximum
  23. Magical Bracelet for the opposite sex
  24. Steroid/Medical Malpractice
  25. Hair Fashion Gone Wrong
  26. Falling Bookshelves
  27. Falling Television
  28. Exploding electronics
  29. Wing Failure
  30. Poisoned Aardvark
  31. Battery Ingestion
  32. Paper Cut to the Gut!
  33. Epic, 20 minute long battle where the victor dies due to a wound he took in minute one.
  34. Self-Publishing Disagreement
  35. Lost in a Library
  36. Wallpapered in a Muesum
  37. Entombed in the Vatican (or elsewhere for that matter.)
  38. Pokemon Go (Need I say more?)
  39. Any other Augmented Reality Application
  40. Dancing Disasters at home or abroad
  41. A series of Unfortunate, unconnected, quite sad events
  42. Network Neutering
  43. Becoming a Bodyguard to an Infamous Person
  44. Stamps. Always beware of stamps
  45. Crotchet Needles in the hands of your angry downstairs neighbor
  46. Those annoying yipping, bloodthirsty dogs upstairs
  47. Power Surge
  48. Replacing your windows without a ladder.
  49. Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
  50. As always, a dashing swordfight where our heroine discovers she really wasn’t as well trained as she thought, and the man she is trying to rescue might have had a few too many cold ones to help out.

Thanks! Let me know what you think! Ciao!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

11 thoughts on “50 Ways to Kill a Character Part II”

  1. Very amusing 🙂 I don’t intend to kill a MC off but your blog title caught my attention. Well actually after I wrote that I thought wait a minute I did kill a character off at the beginning of my story. He wasn’t a MC really he was just a means to an end-blown up by an IED-that one wasn’t to amusing- especially not in the world we live in today. See ya around.

  2. Thanks! My character is now going to have a gruesome death by her own sheets. This is perfect for my writing homework.

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