Kohtumine Focus: The Lord’s Cluster

Continue the tour of the Kohtumine with me as we learn a bit more about the Lord’s Cluster!

It’s always an honor to guard the Lord’s Cluster. It’s nice and quiet, just a lot of line control. You know, keeping people in line as they’re ready to vote, making sure they don’t touch the voting jars themselves, reminding the observers they can’t talk. The most tiring part is dealing with those damned idiots who think we’ve never dealt with people trying to cheat before. Honestly, what do they think this is? A monarchy?

Reggie W. Queiroz III, Keelhelm Officer, 114th Kohtumine

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The Kohtumine Approaches…

The Kohtumine, my next D&D adventure setting, approaches!

You’ve never heard of the Kohtumine? Landlubbers, all of you. The most spectacular meeting of ship captains the world over. Arzac the Bold will be there. Yu’mila Strongprow too. Even the Indigo Pirate will be there, in disguise I’m certain. What is the Kohtumine? Nothing but the most amazing joining of ships, with the peace of the seas and the title of Lord of the Oceans at play. And treasure to be had, lads and ladies, lots of treasure.

Finnigan Tremain, Captain of the Perilous Tide

Just a sneak peek at my next D&D Adventure setting – the Kohtumine (cou-tu-mine) – an amazing meeting of ships that occurs once only every decade! You’ll have to check back in later to learn more! But while I’m designing it, what do you look for in an adventure setting? Charts? NPCs? Interesting Locales? Theme? Tell me below, and subscribe to the blog to get more updates!

Wyvern Tor Revisited is Published!

Wyvern Tor Revisited, my latest D&D 5th Edition Module, is now live at DMs Guild! You can access it here and purchase it for the low price of just $2. More info inside!

Wyvern Tor Revisited, my latest D&D 5th Edition Module, is now live at DMs Guild! You can access it here and purchase it for the low price of just $2. That’s it!

The earlier preview post shared a lot of what was inside this module, so check it out here if interested in seeing what’s inside. If you downloaded the free version from my website earlier, this module is similar, but very much upgraded with new maps, magical item rules, a cleaner, more organized design, and cover.

Newly Updated Module coming this Thursday! Wyvern Tor Revisited

Wyvern Tor Revisited is coming this Thursday! Be ready! Whether you need a new underground temple, or an upgrade to your beginner campaign, this 17 page module has it all!

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Check out my next D&D Module – To the Ramparts! Coming Soon!

Check out my next D&D module – To the Ramparts – siege rules & a sample invasion of the Phandelver valley.

Welcome back! I’ve been hard at work fixing up the next product – To the Ramparts! – This will be an upgraded version of my previously free release of the Invasion of the Phandelver Valley scenarios and rules. Here’s a sneak peak at the cover – I hope you like it! Tell me what you think! Below is a summary of what I’m planning to include.

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New Module Announcement! The Lost Temple of the Thunder Bringers

My first published module is now available for purchase on the Dungeon Master’s Guild Website! Check out the Lost Temple of the Thunder Bringers!

Hi everyone! I’m excited to announcement my latest creation – a 5e D&D Module called The Lost Temple of the Thunder Bringers.

Yes, that’s my own artwork using Inkarnate!

Welcome to the Temple of the Thunder Bringers! This module, designed for characters level 3-8, is a simple series of events that can fit well into any campaign. Whether it represents a mysterious island temple of the Exandria universe or one of the multitude of lost locales in the Forgotten Realms, the Lost Temple of the Thunder Bringers combines easy plot hooks, NPC interactions, and a dungeon crawl. This module includes a twelve room temple dungeon crawl with maps, descriptions, enemies, and treasure for each room, along with four bonus ‘outside’ encounters, a village map, four unique NPCs as well as four new magic items perfect for a low to mid level party.

You can purchase this module for $3.99 on the DMs Guild Website now!

I’ve decided that it will be easier to move all of my pre-made modules to DMs Guild rather than attempt to set up my own shopping site here through WordPress. I will gradually be moving both the Expanded World of Phandalin modules such as Fort and Castle Loamwood and my Redwatch Island background setting over there in the coming weeks. I will keep the same permanent page with my material and links, but some of that content will be going away as a.) I’d like to make some money from the work I do, and b.) I have to pay for a lot of these tools and would like to see them pay for themselves.

Don’t worry! I’ll continue to post some new maps and content here.

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