The Kohtumine Approaches…

The Kohtumine, my next D&D adventure setting, approaches!

You’ve never heard of the Kohtumine? Landlubbers, all of you. The most spectacular meeting of ship captains the world over. Arzac the Bold will be there. Yu’mila Strongprow too. Even the Indigo Pirate will be there, in disguise I’m certain. What is the Kohtumine? Nothing but the most amazing joining of ships, with the peace of the seas and the title of Lord of the Oceans at play. And treasure to be had, lads and ladies, lots of treasure.

Finnigan Tremain, Captain of the Perilous Tide

Just a sneak peek at my next D&D Adventure setting – the Kohtumine (cou-tu-mine) – an amazing meeting of ships that occurs once only every decade! You’ll have to check back in later to learn more! But while I’m designing it, what do you look for in an adventure setting? Charts? NPCs? Interesting Locales? Theme? Tell me below, and subscribe to the blog to get more updates!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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