Tallavanor’s Tales: To Deliver a Message

Welcome to the first installment in what I hope will be a continuous act of writing – the journeys of Tallavanor, my newest D&D character. My goal is simply to improve my world building skills and help me remember what happened each time. So without further ado, Tallavanor will take over.

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What’s coming next?

What’s next for the Steam Empire Chronicles – make your voice heard!

So, with the recent release of Laurel Emperor (Now available on Nook or Kindle or Smashwords) I’ve been doing a long, hard think about where I’m going to go from here. I do have a handful of ideas, of which I’ll be happy to share with you today. I’m also interested in hearing from you, my readers! What aspects of the world of Romanpunk would you like to see or read about? Which of these ideas sound good to you?

Ideas already in the works.

More airship crashes?
  1. Paperback of Laurel Emperor (within next few months)
  2. Anthology of all 5 novels in one single book (paperback only – with additional illustrations)
  3. Young Adult concept focused in the world of Romanpunk and the Speculatores (spy-like drama)

What else would you like to see?


How to End Your Novel or Series

Some Common Ideas for ending your novel or series


So I’m busy writing the end of the Steam Empire Chronicles, and it hit me.

I’m writing the end. Gasp! It’s the END of the story I’ve spent the last six years writing. EEK! What to do! I wrote out several possible endings, even as far back as book two, but I’ve compiled this blog post to help other people who may be struggling with how to end their own novel or series. As far as I see it, there are several standard ways to end a story. What matters is the twist.

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Today’s Writing: Something’s Afoot in Thrace…

Enjoy the first episode of “Today’s Writing!” with me, your friendly Roman Steampunk Author!

Salve! Our gallant heroes (or antiheroes, depending on your preference) are laying plans and enacting schemes, but this time around, they’re chasing their dreams.

Dreams of a unified Rome once again. (46k and counting!)

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How To – Using Google Documents to Plan Your Novel

Learn more about how I use Google Docs to outline my novels!

Hi everyone!

I briefly wanted to tell you about how I’ve been planning my last two novels. Ever since I started writing, I’ve been planning my novels out. Given the fact that I have to juggle story lines that evolve over several books, plus characters and technologies that don’t exist, one would except the need to have an outline or story map.

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What’s Next for the Steam Empire Chronicles?

Next Steps for the series – where do we go from here? (other than book 5!)

Salve Romans!

So I’ve been thinking about what is next for the Steam Empire Chronicles. Obviously, I still have to finish Laurel Emperor! But what then?

Here are a few long term goals. So far I’ve got the following ideas…

  1. A novella about the Battle of the Teutonberg forest (victory for the Romans, of course!)
  2. A novella about the arrival of Romans in the New World.
  3. A novella about the last real gladiator of Rome
  4. Compose all the novellas into an Anthology with a bonus novella inside – definitely would consider adding illustrations to this novella collection.
  5. Make a giant omnibus of all the Steam Empire Chronicle Novels into one large print book (Not digital) – definitely add some more illustrations to Steel Praetorian in this, and then adding them to the current ebook as well.
  6. I’d love to get some audiobooks done, but only if there’s significant interest. I’m thinking a kickstarter for this would be worth it.
  7. Without revealing any spoilers, if people seemed interested, I’d start working on some spin-offs focusing on characters, especially in the new world or in more ‘historical’ situations in the novels.

Thoughts? What would you guys like to see?


Update on Laurel Emperor

Check out the progress on Laurel Emperor, then read a snippet from a longtime character.

Salve! Today’s post is on the progress of Laurel Emperor, plus a snippet from a character we’ve seen and heard a lot about, and even dealt with, but never actually read about from his own point of view. Anyways, onward to progress!

Word Count: 35,107

Final Goal: 95,000-100,000 words

Chapters: 12 so far

Average size of chapters – 10 pages (5 full word document pages, generally doubled to make the normal chapter size).

Locations of Interest – Thrace, Rome, Byzantium, Alexandria

Read more to find out who our mystery chapter POV character is today!

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Blurbs for Steel Praetorian

Looking for some feedback on the back blurbs for Steel Praetorian!

Hi everyone,

Long time no talk, but as you know school has started here in Maryland, and that means that all my free time is taken up with lessons, grading, planning, and talking with other teachers about all of the above. However, I’ve managed to make some headway on the back blurbs for Steel Praetorian, especially as the editor has promised me SP will be in my hand by the end of the week (fingers crossed). Here are the two that are the ‘final cut’ and I’d love some input from you!

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50 Ways to Kill a Character Part II

50 Ways to Kill a Character Part II – With even more awesome ways for your characters (or NPCs, for that matter) to bite the dust.


So in case you missed it, my first 50 Ways to Kill a Character was the most successful blog post I’ve ever written (and to be honest, I wrote it half as a joke for my own sanity.) Now that I have 5 books and counting under my belt, I decided it was time to make a part II. Read on, brave writers, and make sure you subscribe to my blog for more writer tips and support like this list! Continue reading “50 Ways to Kill a Character Part II”

Character Decision Making – Tough Choices

Two Characters in Steel Praetorian face an incredibly tough choice, and I discuss my thoughts on tension, challenges, and character interaction.

(Also Called – How to help your character face a plot-altering or personality altering choice!)

Hi all,

Worry not, the difficult choice is for Octavia and Regillus to solve. Here’s the simplest question. When is an atrocity committed in the name of saving lives allowable? Read more inside!

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