Today’s Writing: Something’s Afoot in Thrace…

Enjoy the first episode of “Today’s Writing!” with me, your friendly Roman Steampunk Author!

Salve! Our gallant heroes (or antiheroes, depending on your preference) are laying plans and enacting schemes, but this time around, they’re chasing their dreams.

Dreams of a unified Rome once again. (46k and counting!)

Dux Tzimisces spoke. “I don’t think we’ll be able to reinforce him in time, my primus. The IV Syrian is more than two hours south, but Minnicus will probably be on the field within an hour. He’s been using his mechaniphants to blow holes through every defensive line we’ve established. All we’ll do by throwing more soldiers at them is use up our precious manpower for no gain.”

“But we have to do something, sir. Regillus’ army is just now arriving. He has to buy us more time and there’s no way a single legion can hold off Minnicus’ entire army. He’s got more than four times his number!” Commander Paulos said. “Allow me to bring my VII into the field. We can be there in less than two hours. Allow us to strengthen our odds.”

“And when they have broken through the lines, your men will be twice as tired. How can they make it back here in one piece after fighting a battle? We must stick to the plan, sirs.” Centurion Sovorix reminded everyone. “We are trying to trap his army here, north of Adrianople. We have the entire area prepared. Even the weather has co-operated. When General Minnicus’ men reach us here, they will be exhausted, thirsty, and hungry. We can defeat an entire army, rather than just wearing them down.”

“The Syrians must hold them again, as they did at the walls of Antioch. For at least a little while, until we can maneuver his legions into the proper positions.”

“Our men may be tired, my lord. But we’re ready to fight.” General Moravi, second in command of the Army of Grecia, and the highest ranking officer present. “I anticipate the last of our men will be behind your lines within the hour.”

“Excellent. General Moravi, bring your three legions here, behind this set of western hills. Instruct your men to camouflage their positions carefully. No fire smoke, no singing or music. I don’t want to give any of Minnicus’ sharp eyed scouts a chance to identify the trap. He must believe our forces are so disorganized that we’d leave our headquarters virtually undefended.”

Moravi nodded as the Magister Militum spoke. Commander Paulos looked hopeful as the primus imperio turned to him.

“I’m sorry, Commander Paulos, but your request must be denied. We need your men holding our extreme flank. Your men are highly experienced and already in place. Plus, your role in our plan of battle is critical, commander.” Paulos acquiesced, but he was obviously not happy.

Hmmm… Will their plan work? Will Paulos ever be happy? Does Constantine trust Moravi? Find out on the next episode of “Today’s Writing!”

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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