Today’s Writing: Something’s Afoot in Thrace…

Enjoy the first episode of “Today’s Writing!” with me, your friendly Roman Steampunk Author!

Salve! Our gallant heroes (or antiheroes, depending on your preference) are laying plans and enacting schemes, but this time around, they’re chasing their dreams.

Dreams of a unified Rome once again. (46k and counting!)

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Trouble always comes around… 44k and counting!

44k and counting! Read a snippet from today’s writing!

It’s going! Slow but steady – We’re making progress and nearly halfway there!

Enjoy the snippet after the break!

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What’s this? Actual Progress on Laurel Emperor!

We’ve hit the 39k word mark – and growing! Read a snippet from today’s 4th of July writing and take advantage of our July Smashword Sale!

Thirty Nine Thousand Words and Counting! It’s a Fourth of July Miracle (Here in the United States of America). As a reminder ALL Steam Empire Chronicle novels are 25% off this July at Smashwords, and Roma Aeronautica is free! Tell your friends! Tell your family!

Here’s today’s snippet after the break.

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Editing Adds some Words

Minimal Progress, but lots of Editing happening!

Not much to report today, other than the fact that editing has so far netted me about 250 more words – one of the challenges with picking up a novel after leaving it for so long has been to actually remember where I was when I typed the first part! No worries, it will get there!

Camp NaNoWriMo2017 Laurel Emperor Project

Camp NaNoWriMo for 2017? Yes, Please! Follow allow with my progress here!

Hi everyone!

To be more accountable, I’ve rejoined Camp NaNoWriMo 2017 for their summer writing project. Here’s the page count where you can check in with me. I’ll update this blog daily (A tough goal!) with how I’m doing, leaving you some tasty tidbits of my writing! End of Laurel Emperor, here I come!

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Let’s aim to get this again this year!



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