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Looking for some feedback on the back blurbs for Steel Praetorian!

Hi everyone,

Long time no talk, but as you know school has started here in Maryland, and that means that all my free time is taken up with lessons, grading, planning, and talking with other teachers about all of the above. However, I’ve managed to make some headway on the back blurbs for Steel Praetorian, especially as the editor has promised me SP will be in my hand by the end of the week (fingers crossed). Here are the two that are the ‘final cut’ and I’d love some input from you!

Option 1:

ROME lies in flames in book 4 of Daniel Ottalini’s award winning series, the Steam Empire Chronicles. The traitorous strike by the rebels, led by Sabinus Appius, brother to the now-dead Emperor, has left the loyalists reeling. Whilst Senatora Octavia and her rag-tag band of allies struggle to slow Sabinus’ forces, rightful heir-to-the-throne Constantine Tiberius Appius and his men face a horrible choice: turn east and face the unstoppable Mongolian invasion ripping through the empire, or turn west and reclaim the throne. The choice – and the blood price owed – will come due in STEEL PRAETORIAN.

Option 2:

Emperor Hadrian Appius is dead, and the man responsible is his own brother. Unable to prevent the assassination in IRON TRIBUNE, Senatora Octavia and her allies flee Rome, leaving the smoldering capital behind them, determined to fight on against their rebellious countrymen. In the east, rightful heir-to-the-throne Constantine Appius faces disaster at every turn, his forces stretched thin against invading Mongols and rebel Romans alike. With the help of new friends and old, a desperate plan is formed. But will it be enough to save the Empire and the throne in STEEL PRAETORIAN?


Thoughts? I’m not permanently wedded to either one yet!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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  1. Things are heating up and the action is fast and furious. You need a take no prisoners blurb that reflects that; I like option #2. It packs a punch and is more visceral. If I were new to the series, or simply scanning the blurbs, I’d purchase SP based on blurb #2 and a chapter sample.

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