A Field Guide to Temerrit Spotlight – Cobalt Landing

Greetings, and welcome to a sneak peek of my upcoming D&D Adventure Setting Module – A Field Guide to Temerrit. Let’s take a look at Cobalt Landing, one of the three largest cities in the setting and a hint of what you’ll get what you purchase this module.

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Here’s a partial view of Cobalt Landing, minus the southern neighborhoods.

Cobalt Landing

When the first settlers approached the body of water to the west of Cobalt Landing, they named the lake after the icy blue waters that cascaded down the Irellathon and Sassafrail rivers into the lake. The first hardy pioneers attempted to establish a settlement on Fiuefi Island at the center of the lake in 35 AKE. But the stilts of their homes would sink into the land, and their crops refused to grow. Children born on the island failed to survive more than a week. Recognizing something about Fiuefi Island was cursed, the settlers fled to the east, landing at the confluence of the Sassafrail river and Cobalt Lake. 

Over time, this settlement expanded into the rocky lands and dense forests to the east, fueling much of the construction of both this city and many of the others. In time, the southern border of the Forest of Whispers was pushed back many leagues as the ravenous appetite of the new settlements consumed acres of woodland. The first fortifications were built around the tight confines of the original settlement, wooden walls that served to keep out the ever present threat of the raiding wildling tribes. It was here that the First Landing University was founded some seventy or so years later in 114 AKE, catering to magic users of all stripes, with a focus on illusion and alteration magic. The founding was heavily influenced by the presence of the human and elf wildling tribes who used both styles of magic to great effect in attacking and harassing the settlers invading their territory.  

Soon, the need for more space led to undefended neighborhoods built outside the fortifications. Flowers, an area where the first great landowners built large homes with access to all that the then-capital-city had to offer. The Loops, a series of densely packed lanes leading down to the main docks, quickly becoming even more densely populated than the original First Landing neighborhood. Gradually, even these locations filled up, and the Outer Quarter, a sliver of land stretching south from the Sassafrail River to the banks of the lake, became more established. 

Cobalt Landing’s star was seemingly on the rise. But it was not meant to be. An aggressive fire burned 90% of the city in 176 AKE. The Duke’s family fled to the nearby town of Ewdea. Support from the Imperial Government came slowly, and it has taken nearly thirty years for Cobalt Landing to rebuild, all the while Ewdea has risen, ascendent, as the new capital of the province. 

The new Fort Cobalt replaced the entire oldtown of the original First Landing neighborhood, half now the governor’s palace and the remainder to the First Landing University. In more recent years, given the continued threat of the wildlings and the rise of Palromian attacks, an imperial siege works camp was established at Cobalt Landing, taking advantage of the excellent sources of lumber nearby.

Cobalt Landing is currently governed by Lady Grace de Sylvia (Half Orc, Neutral Good) of the de Sylvia-Monterde family. An experienced sailor, trader, and leader, she maintained her position in the city for the last fifteen years, even during the time of the usurper Palrom. Control over the strategic Marble Archway provided Lady Grace with a major card to use against Palrom’s forces. The unprotected areas of the city took much of the brunt in her wake, with the Palromian forces plundering the city outside the walls several times over, leading to a low-key siege of the area. Eventually, when the Usurper pulled much of his forces back to Ewdea, Lady Grace led her forces against the besiegers, defeating them handily and pushing them back into the waters of the lake. 

Nowadays, Cobalt Landing’s stance is ascendant once again. Trade is picking up from Vigilance and Icafor Post The consistent flow of agricultural produce and timber from Greenfield keeps the ports bustling. Weary travelers often stay at the affordable Two Docks Inn in the old watermill in the Northeast of the city, conveniently located next to the passenger docks. Others enjoy the singing and luxurious atmosphere of the LaLam Room & Restaurante in the Flowers. Those looking for the cheapest accommodations could find space within the Loops at either the Gangreen Flophouse or the Nestled Hammock. 

Other than basic supplies within the city, training in the arcane arts is available from the University. Budding engineers & artificers may find supplies in the guarded Siege Industries, while rogues could secure additional training within the Loops, depending on who they talk to. The rival gangs Hornbills and Rosethorns compete fiercely for a piece of all cargo that passes through the extensive docks. Magical item availability is tightly controlled by the University, which runs it’s own shop within the fort, Educational Magic & More, near the Central Market within the fort. Those willing to travel beyond the confines of the city may find additional, and more exotic, supplies over the Marble Arch in Northbend, where the largest market in the area blends traditions and supplies from all over Temerrit. The toll to cross the Marble Arch is 1 sp per person, 5 sp for a person & horse, or 1 gp for a wagon, cart, or other horse drawn conveyance. Those who have paid to cross the bridge are given a green token at the entry point, which is taken back at the other end. Failing to surrender your token costs 5 gp per person. Repeat offenders may be banned from the bridge.

As you can see, lots of content, with some NPCs, critical locations, background, history, and interactions with other cities are included in this module! I’m currently aiming to have this published by the end of May, hopefully earlier! Let me know what you think of this town!

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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