Day 5 – Train Trip Typing

Corbus and a Train Trip, what could be more fun!

This one’s  a bit rushed today as the wireless on my Amtrak train keeps going in and out. Goal is 8, 500 if I can get the wireless to stay alive long enough! But here goes, hope you enjoy. 05-escape-of-corbus

Oh, did I mention this is Corbus’s first chapter? I do love writing about him for some reason…

For a moment, Corbus could do nothing but stare at her. How had it come to this? To finding someone who understood him, who got him, who…perhaps…cared…for him. For a moment Corbus barely avoided recoiling in disgust. Pah!Nobody cares for you, except yourself. That was the first lesson your mother taught you, and sealed within you with her death.

There is only the mission, the effect, and the next mission.

“Nowhere. I’ll be back soon.” He slipped into the small privy, closing the splintered wood door behind him. Squatting over the toilet, he relieved himself, content with a moment alone. Why Alexandria grated on him so, he didn’t know. Perhaps it was the sheer alienness, the wrongness of the architecture. Blocky stone tenements and squat merchant warehouses built of sandstone, light tan against a backdrop of light tan, with only the muddy brown-green waters of the Nile and the explosion of life clinging to its banks to break the illusion.

At least in the north there was color. Vibrant color, color that clung to every tree and bush, to every rock outcropping, color that changed with the seasons.

He had to leave. Soon.

Corbus continues to gain additional quirks and challenges, just like a real boy! (hehe). Pick up any of my five other novels in print or digitally on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or through Apple viaSmashwords to see more of his transition from juvenile Villain to tormented soul (sorry Corbus!)

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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