Day 4 – Courtroom Problems

7 Thousand words hurray! Read more about new illustrations inside, too!

Hi all, Day 4 is hammered down and ready to go.

So some exciting news today! I got the first glimpses of the two illustrations that will be included in Steel Praetorian, and boy do they look exciting. Very action packed and fitting in with the aesthetic of the earlier novels. I’ve included an illustration below so you can see the style of the artwork. Illustrations aren’t generally common for a novel, but I think they add some style and substance that give readers a glance into the author’s mind. Not to eliminate the imagination of the reader, but to guide their thoughts. Anywho, onto today’s numbers after the break.

Current Word Count: 7,090

Not too exceptional, but it’s mainly due to the fact that I’ve been planning future chapters. I’ve hit my required goal for today, and tomorrow’s goal is only a thousand more words, which I should be able to hit. Hopefully all goes well! 04-clash-of-the-mechwolves


“Sir, how was the court today? More noble petitions to let them do whatever they want?”

“Come now, Julius, one might think you were a union man.”

“I am, sir. Through and through. At least, I was a few years ago.”

“And now?” Sovorix asked.

“Now I kill Mongols and traitors for the good of the realm and at the pleasure of my Emperor. At least, I will do so again, once I recover.” Julius’ gestured with his left arm, his broken right one still recovering in a cast held in place by a silk sling.

“How are we doing in that regards today?” Constantine said. Julius shrugged, carefully.

“The medicos say that it should probably come off by the end of the week. No more pain in the arm. Then its at least a month to get it back into fighting strength. I can lead, sir, but combat might be beyond me at this point. Unfortunately.”

“I doubt we’ll be seeing more combat against the Mongolians in the near future. I believe our recent negotiations will be fruitful.”

“Oh?” Julius looked at Constantine, then at Centurion Sovorix “How so?” The two men looked at each other, silently debating whether to inform him or not.

“I’m sure you’ll be reading about it in the newspapers tomorrow. Someone will talk. Someone always does. But I believe I’ve found a way to eliminate the Mongol menace on our borders once and for all.” Julius’ sandy eyebrows nearly reached his close cropped hair at that comment, but he held his tongue. “Meanwhile, how goes the war?”

I love writing these scenes – Constantine and Julius’ characters really seem to work well together (Said completely seriously). Pick up any of my five other novels in print or digitally on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or through Apple via Smashwords to see more of this teamwork between these two old friends. Personally I find it funny that the friendship started with a brawl in a river during training.

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

2 thoughts on “Day 4 – Courtroom Problems”

  1. Great snippet Daniel, and yes, I remember the first meeting between Constantine and Julius. It was hilarious, especially when the legion realized the nosy reporter. One of my favorite scenes.

    Gasp! Julius’s injured? Glad he’s recovering.

    Illustration is indeed action packed. It adds that special something your books are known for.

    1. Ha yes! You’ll have to read Steel Praetorian to learn all the details. I keep wanting to work more journalism into my novels, perhaps a novella is much in order about that.

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