Day 3 – A meeting with an Ambassador

Day 3 of NaNoWriMo and we’ve reached 6,000 words! Read more inside!

Hello all!

Another day of NaNoWriMo in the books! Chapter two is mostly finished, as Constantine looks to negotiate with the Mongols. Surely this cannot be good. For anyone!

Current Word Count: 6,068 – trying to build up a head of steam here. Read more beyond the break!

“Your majesty, may I present Ambassador Xartsaga Ozbedai, cousin to the Khan of Khans Zyyat Sain Ozbedai, ruler of the Mongolian Empire.” The hall was silent as a slim man marched in, his fur-lined boots stepping softly on the long crimson carpet that ran the length of the hall from door to dais. Long robes of cream and gold-embroidered turquoise trailed behind him. As he approached, Constantine analyzed him. Young, but old enough to have some experience. The Mongolian walked with a military air, as though he knew how to use the scimitar missing from the scabbard on his belt. His slightly rolling gait indicated he was a horseman, and probably far more comfortable on a horse. So, a warrior. But Constantine did not think that the new Emperor would send him an uneducated man.

So he sat, watching and appraising as the man approached the throne. At the foot of the dias, just when Constantine could practically feel Gwendyrn about to pull out one of his famous hand-repeaters and threaten the man did he stop. The Mongol looked up at him. Constantine stared levely, resisting the urge to blink or lift an eyebrow. The man’s eyes were a dark brown, set into the typically round-mongoloid face. Dark hair, thinning on the top, accentuated his look. After several beats, he bowed low. The feeling of pressure and anxiety in the room abated, if only for a fraction.


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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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