Day 6 – World Building Again

Limited word count improvements, but another snippet awaites!

Hi all,

As usual, NYC has pushed me behind my word count, but never fear I should catch up tomorrow (he says hopefully).

Word Count 8872 – 1, 200 behind. Read today’s snippet beyond the break.

“Aeroporta Alexandria!” Called the conductor. The two stood and exited, the conductor tipping his hat as Aura left a half-denarii tip on the front dashboard. The stop was right in front of the main terminal, so they quickly walked up the steps into the cooler interior of the building. Benches to the left and right were filled with people, most looking like prosperous merchants waiting for a ride home. Interspersed with the merchants were soldiers, some sporting recent wounds, others seemingly fresh out of boot camp, ready for their journey to the next posting.

“We won’t find any answers here in the waiting room, and I bet the ticket-agents won’t be much help either.” Corbus said, looking around. Aura smiled, then walked towards the long line of ticket agents seated behind a wooden counter. Carved pieces decorated the front and sides. Nowhere near as opulent as Rome or Brittenburg, but that’s to be expected. Corbus watched her walk away, before turning to a nearby news vendor hawking broadsheets from across the empire, along with a variety of dried and sugary snack foods.

As my Romanpunk (New word!) world continues to expand, it’s often a struggle to move beyond the steampunk stereotypes – wheels, cogs, and mechanized everything. I’ve tried to blend some of heir created items with animals, as I figured that’s what the Romans would fear, and thus try to emulate!. Pick up any of my five other novels in print or digitally on Amazon,Barnes and Noble, or through Apple viaSmashwords to see more of the world of Romanpunk.

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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