Day 7 – Airships and More Airships!

Working hard and falling behind – See what’s happening in day 7 of NaNoWriMo2016!

Hi everyone!

An excellent description of how my word count feels today. Crashing and burning.

Finally got some good solid time to sit here and type, but I’m incredibly distracted today. I’m about 2k behind schedule, and it’s really hard to find the motivation to continue right now. Fortunately, I’ve managed to finish Corbus’ chapter, which means I can start on a new one, which always helps!

Word Count (as of 8:35 pm) 10,622 9,304 words – Goal Tonight: 12,000 (eek)

Read the snippet beyond the break!

Lombartio turned to his first officer, a grubby man wearing a rag-tag shirt and overalls. He shrugged.

“Four days.” He grunted, giving the airship a considering glance. Corbus followed his gaze. The entire left-side of the airship seemed to be hidden under a substantial amount of catwalks and scaffolding. Hammering and the screech of power tools echoed through the building.

“For what we’ve paid to help you rebuild your ship, I did not expect it to take this long.” Corbus said, tone nonchalant, looking idly at the ship.

“Well, given that we did not expect to be forced to leave Ctesiphon in the middle of the night during an Imperial Airfleet attack, what do you expect? While I am grateful for your contributions to our vessel, I alone will decide when it is ready to leave.” Corbus turned to examine him.

“Indeed. But if you dabble too long, I might find that I prefer a faster airship home.”

The captain laughed, some of his men laughing with him, sycophants to a man. “You might not get home with all your goods, seeing as they’re still stored in my hold. I do charge an unloading fee, you know. Especially when the contract is still incomplete.”

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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