Day 8 – A party, a palace and more!

Palaces, Parties, and Voting – I mean… Roman-style voting… More inside!

Happy Election Day to my Fellow Americans – If you haven’t voted, go now! Polls are still open for at least another hour in most eastern states and several hours in the midwest and western states – every vote counts!

Now that’s done, we can return to our regularly scheduled blog post! Big time progress today thanks to a train trip, and I can announce we’ve hit the 14,000 word mark! Hurray! Also, I’ve gotten the final drafts back for one of the two illustrations, and the second draft back for the second of the two illustrations. Much excitement for me I assure you!

Anywho, goal for tonight is 15,500, which places us 500 ahead of Day 9’s NaNoWriMo2016’s goal, and thus gives me a comfortable bubble to work with as needed.

Read more beyond the break!

“Greetings!” Cried the man seated to the left of the primus imperio. “I am Governor Helios, and I welcome to the Julian Imperial Palace and home to myself, my family, and tonight, to you! Partake in our festivities and enjoy our food. I know the chef has been preparing for this day for at least two weeks now.”

Two weeks to alert every spy in the city of our plans. The governor was continuing “For this, I once again offer you welcome, as we raise our glasses in support of our rightful emperor and the most courageous, loyal, and humble men I know, our Primus Imperio Constantine Appius!” Everyone around the room stood, raised their glasses in the air and drank deeply. They remained standing as Dux Tzimisces politely inclined his head to the governor, before raising his voice. Julius could see only part of him, blocked as he was by the long platform and the massive table atop it.

Dominos and dominas, I shall be brief. Everyone here tonight was invited because we know you support the true emperor. Whether plebeian or patrician, union man or merchant, legionnaire or governor, you are all here because you believe that our nation has been stolen from us. Indeed it has, by one who seeks power only for himself, and not for the good of us all.” He paused for effect, allowing the words to wash over the crowds. Muttered words of anger trickled back, agreeing with the Dux’s own words.”

“One man here has stood up for us, and will continue to fight against tyranny and for the people, for as long as you grant him the ability to do so. It is my great honor to announce that the people of Byzantium have recognized this self-sacrificing choice. They have risen to the occasion. Tonight, I would like to announce… [redacted for anti-spoiler measures]

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