A Field Guide to Temerrit – Plot Hooks & Cover Art Reveal

Check out the cover and some plot hooks from A Field Guide to Temerrit, my latest D&D 5e adventure setting!

Welcome back! Today we’ll be looking at a few examples of plot hooks within my next Dungeons and Dragons 5e adventure setting – A Field Guide to Temerrit. With forty plot hooks in the adventure setting, we have a ton to pick from.

Some of you may be wondering – wait, you changed the name of the adventure setting? Yes, I did! Not only did I discover that there were several other settings that included ‘Ten towns” (Rhyming and alliteration, go figure), but also, I realized that this would be much more of a central core guide, with smaller adventure modules that I could build off this core product.

Cover Art: The inspiration for this comes from the National Park Field Guides of the 70s, 80s (and for some, today!). While I normally like fuller covers, I’m actually really excited for this one, especially as it not only sticks out compared to my other ones, but because I think I’ve found a format that I can not only replicate easily, but also really looks nice compared to the usual tans and browns of other products on the market.

Now, on to plot hooks. I’ve added five of my favorites so you can get a sample of just some of the action!

  • Cobalt Landing – A group of wandering fire giants are migrating from the Sunderpeaks to the Steelspine mountains. Their path takes them through the fertile countryside between Greenfield and Cobalt Landing, leaving a swath of charred destruction.
  • Ewdea – Someone is defacing statues on the Heroes Causeway. Figure out who is doing it, and capture them for Castellan Demetrius Cra’qun at the Temerrit Legion Headquarters.
  • Greenfield – Wildling raids from the Forest of Whispers are increasing, and half a dozen farmsteads have been attacked in the last few days. Figure out a way to stop the raids.
  • Icafor Post – The oasis at the center of town is gradually shrinking! A Marid and his pet nagas are siphoning the water into a different part of the Sandsea, creating their own oasis and opening a portal to the water plane. Stop their plan!
  • Smyall – Separatist banners have been officially raised within the city, and Governor O’loro reluctantly asks the PCs to seek out allies in Vigilance or other towns. It’s only a matter of time before the Royal Legions march, so time is of the essence. The future of a free Temerrit is in your hands.

A Field Guide to Temerrit will be released this Thursday morning! So excited to share this with all of you!

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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