Project 27 – Broken

Enjoy another Project 27 Poem

Greetings! Welcome to another component of Project 27. I think we’re at poem four or five by now (Totally lost track and too lazy to go see how many at this second.) Today’s poem is called Broken.

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By Daniel Ottalini

I am not broken
I am not someone to pity
So what if my words
Don’t always match
What I mean
What I want
What I say

My numbers may jumble
But my soul is fine
It sings to the tune
Of Spanish soap operas
Siestas and fiestas and fresh café
And roasted chili with lime

My brain
Give it time to
Receive what you are saying
As you teach me
And I teach you

So yes I can
I can do that
I can multiply and divide and add and subtract
And draw pretty cats
But most of all
I am not

I am not something to fix
To glue back together
In a polyglot mix
To pray over
Or ignore
I am stronger than I was before
Smarter than you’ll ever know
When you thought I was

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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