Today’s writing – 58k!

Today’s writing – hitting 58,000 words!


Today’s writing has been brief, but I managed to get to 58,000 words. Today’s writing focused on Aurelia, the princess that everyone loves to hate (or perhaps, just loves). My goal for NaNoWriMo is 80,000 words, so just 22,000 to go. I can do this! Remember to subscribe to the blog if you like getting these snippets, poems, and more! Read the snippet after the break!

Julius is always where the fighting is thickest. I swear that man…

“Very well, Caesarina. As promised, I have secured entrance into the governor’s palace for you. Domino Julius will give you disguises, and two friends of our goals will be in charge of the servant’s gate tomorrow morning. The Governor usually holds an open council meeting every week on Fridays. Normally the attendees are very well screened, as the governor doesn’t usually like surprises. But this will be the first open council meeting in a month, so perhaps regulations and restrictions may have slipped a bit once you get in. Once you get in and get close, you can announce your position and demand we declare for you, and through you, your cousin. I’ll call for a vote, as any citizen can demand an issue be brought before the council and voted upon. If your words are impassioned enough, they might be able to sway either Councilmen Crali or Tuporalanis. Those are the two swing votes.” Fundiomaus said, the tone of a patient but annoyed father returning.

Aurelia nodded. She knew the plan inside and out. It was her plan after all.

“Marciena will stay here until after we return.” It was not a question, but a demand. Fundiomaus bowed his head.

“We will provide safe accommodations and a tutor as you requested. Her connection to you will only be known by ourselves and Domino Julius.”

“Thank you.” Aurelia said. “I refuse for her to become a political pawn, regardless of what we do tomorrow.”

“Of course my lady. Now, if I may interest you in supper?”

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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