NaNoWriMo2016 Day 1!

Day 1 is in the books – snippet of today’s writing inside!

Day 1, it’s here!

As always, here’s a snippet of today’s writing. If you buy Steel Praetorian when it comes out, you’re in luck, as the prologue of Laurel Emperor is featured at the end of the novel!

Anywho, read the snippet beyond the break. 1,788 words and counting!

She shivered, knowing what was to come. “What must I do?”

“Ride for Virinum. Tell them what happened, and tell them to broadcast it to anyone who will listen. Then find Captain Kartinis. His airship should be there. Stay with him until I, the senatora, or your brother comes. You still have that hand-repeater your brother gave you?”

She nodded.

“Good, you may need to use it.”  He handed her a round of bolts and a sheaf of letters. “Whatever you do, do not let these fall into the hands of the enemy. These are your key back to your brother and Emperor Constantine.” He squeezed her arm and turned the prancing horse about. Around him, the loyalist army dissolved, men fleeing in panic.

So there you have it. Action, adventure, and a daring escape! Remember, you can pick up any of my five other novels in print or digitally on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or through Apple via Smashwords.

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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