Last Gladiator Update!

24,000 words and going strong! Here’s a quick snippet! Got to reach that 27,000 goal by this weekend! Lots to do!

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An update, yes please! – NaNoWriMo2019

Hi all,

Unfortunately I’ve been falling behind on my goals – November is a massive crunch time for me this year, with school things, Warhammer Club and Tournament things, plus now D&D things keeping me busy. I’m still going to finish this novella, but I’m falling behind in my goals. Never-the-less, here’s some updated writing!

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Outlining Snippets from the next Novella!

Salve! Today’s writing brought to you by the Imperial Nova Terra Trading Company. When you want new goods, look no further than Nova Terra!

Salve! Today’s writing brought to you by the Imperial Nova Terra Trading Company. When you want new goods, look no further than Nova Terra! Marseille_en_1575

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Outlining in Progress

Can I do two things at once? Evidently! I’ve started work on outlining for my alternate history – history novella. (Any way I can say that faster?)

Don’t Bug Me When I’m Reading

That’s it! Just wanted to share that something is happening! Still taking ideas for what you’d like to see 🙂


Print Edition of Laurel Emperor Incoming

You heard it right folks! About a year after it’s release in digital format, Laurel Emperor is coming to paperback! I know many of you have been clamoring for a paperback version, and not only will it be ready to go, but it’s release will be timed to coincide with my first book signing. In fact, if you’re able to attend my book signing, you’ll be some of the first people to access the paperback copy, and the first in person! Watch This Space!


New Novella in the works – The Last Gladiator

Explore an excerpt from my new novella “The Last Gladiator”

Hi all,05-Escape-of-Corbus

I wanted to share the first page excerpt from my latest novella, the Last Gladiator. Focusing on a much smaller part of the world, it details the story of Master Ilyensio Horatio, master of the Ludus Magnus, one of the last training compounds for human gladiators in an era when the mechagladiators are about to dominate the colliseum. C&C always appreciated, let me know what you think! The goal for this is roughly 10-12,000 words, as I’d love to start getting some more novellas out this year and next with the eventual goal of creating that print anthology to accompany the Steam Empire Chronicle series.

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Roman Colonies in the New World “What If?”

What if Rome had managed to push out colonies in the New World? I explore how the Roman Empire in the Steam Empire Chronicles has established colonies in Nova Caesaria.

Otherwise called…where would the Romans actually have settled in the New World?

As I discussed in my previous post a long ago post, the Empire (in reality) could have funded some colonies in the new world if the right set of circumstances had existed. But where would they have settled? What does the new world look like in the world of the Steam Empire Chronicles?

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Caesarian Colonies – How a Roman New World Might Develop

Exploring the New World as a Roman

Hi All,

As part of the world of the Steam Empire Chronicles, I’ve mentioned the ideas of colonies in the new world multiple times. Indeed, there’s a variety of reasons that Rome would indeed seed and establish colonies in the ‘new world’ or Caesaria, in the novels. From ‘expansion space’ for retired veterans, to the ever driving need for new markets, slaves, and farmland, etc. A Rome with stronger, more stable neighbors, would need an additional outlet.

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Written Word Media Promotion Review

A review of the Written Word Media promotion service!


As many of you know, I’ve been documenting how difficult it can be for a self-published author to promote their books consistently when you’ve also got a day-job. There are many tools on the web that can help the self-published man or woman, but many require a fair amount of time up front.

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Today’s Writing: Something’s Afoot in Thrace…

Enjoy the first episode of “Today’s Writing!” with me, your friendly Roman Steampunk Author!

Salve! Our gallant heroes (or antiheroes, depending on your preference) are laying plans and enacting schemes, but this time around, they’re chasing their dreams.

Dreams of a unified Rome once again. (46k and counting!)

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