Camp NaNoWriMo Vacation Series – Massilia

Join me on the first part of our Camp NaNoWriMo Vacation Series!


In search of a wondrous seaside getaway? Need a place to hide out for a few weeks while the heat back home from your treacherous father dies down? Want to convince a neutral governor that he really should be supporting your side of the family?

Why not visit Massilia? Beautiful harbors, gorgeous coastline, even a handy road for inner-province…ah… expeditions. Seriously? What do you have to lose? Contact the Trebonius Travel Agency today – we take your travel seriously.Marseille_en_1575

*Not responsible for any jail-time, hangings, floggings, crucifixions, ner-do-welling, or any other actions started by the traveler. Once you’re there, you’re on your own!

This message brought to you by the Massilia Travel Agency. In these uncertain times, visit a neutral, not a warmonger.

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Steel Praetorian is Out!

Steel Praetorian is now out and available for purchase in ebook format!

December 1st, 2016 – A date that shall live in Steampunk awesomeness! Steel Praetorian is released for sale in ebook!


Book 4 of the Steam Empire Chronicles is now available for sale on Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. 249 pages long, and featuring characters from all the previous novels, plus a focus on a handful of new ones, this novel is action-packed, taking us from the scorching deserts of Mesopotamia to the blood-filled streets of Rome, and half the provinces in-between, it’s sure to impress and entertain!

Back Blurb: Emperor Hadrian Appius is dead, and the man responsible is his own brother. Unable to prevent the assassination in IRON TRIBUNE, Senatora Octavia Pelia and her allies flee Rome, leaving the smoldering capital behind them, determined to fight on against their rebellious countrymen. In the east, rightful heir-to-the-throne Constantine Appius faces disaster at every turn, his forces stretched thin against invading Mongols and rebel Romans alike. With the help of new friends and old, a desperate plan is formed. But will it be enough to save the Empire and the throne in STEEL PRAETORIAN?

Print Version should be available within a week. I’m excited to share that with you as well. Remember to like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter for more frequent updates throughout December as I continue building the Romanpunk world of the Steam Empire Chronicles!

NaNoWriMo Day 30 – Could Steampunk have saved the Roman Empire?

Could Steampunk have saved the Roman Empire? Guest Post by Josh Stanton

Here’s another awesome guest post by Joshua Stanton, who attempts to answer my  favorite question – Could Steampunk (or power perhaps?) have saved the Roman Empire? Be sure to check out his reviews!

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NaNoWriMo Day 27 – Christianity in the Steam Empire Chronicles

Learn more about Christianity in the Steam Empire Chronicles


Day 27 has come and gone, and with it, the arrival of a painful stomach bug. Argh! Anyways, we’ve crossed the 32k words mark. Obviously, I doubt I’ll make it to the 50k mark, but that’s never been what NaNoWriMo has been to me. It’s about getting as much done as possible! Plus, my goal of blogging every day has been (mostly!) successful. Today’s blog post is about Christianity in the Steam Empire Chronicles. Click beyond the line to see my thoughts!

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Day 12 – An Exercise in Nation Building

Alexandros has a new job, plus we’ve reached 18,000 words!

Salve! Happy Weekend!

Julius Brutus Caesar

Alexandros is back with a purpose in his first chapter in Laurel Emperor. I admit, I’ve been struggling a bit with his story line right now. Ever since the events in Steel Praetorian, and their resolution, it’s been tricky to try and shoehorn him into the events that are engulfing the rest of the nation, without making it seem forced. While he is a hero, the idea that he could just come in and replace someone already loyal to Constantine and his loyalist faction is very unlike him. So I’ve had to come up with an alternative idea for him to follow. More beyond the break.

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Character Decision Making – Tough Choices

Two Characters in Steel Praetorian face an incredibly tough choice, and I discuss my thoughts on tension, challenges, and character interaction.

(Also Called – How to help your character face a plot-altering or personality altering choice!)

Hi all,

Worry not, the difficult choice is for Octavia and Regillus to solve. Here’s the simplest question. When is an atrocity committed in the name of saving lives allowable? Read more inside!

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Communication in the Steam Empire Chronicles

Learn all about the Communication Styles in my world of Romanpunk!

Good Morning!

I thought that I’d put together this handy quick-reference guide to communication in the world of the Steam Empire Chronicles. So click read on to learn more about how Romans (and others) talk with each other! (Besides Latin, Yes, I know they already speak that language.

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Building Ctesiphon

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m happy to announce that we’ve crossed the 44k words border and are headed east! (or north, upwards, anyways.)

SPOILER NOTICE: If you haven’t read book 3, don’t read on. Go back and read book 3. Do not pass go, do not collect $200.

Today’s writing takes us to the far off lands of the Mongolian Empire, Stretching from the Sea of Japan and the Korean Peninsula to the fragile Mesopotamian border with the Roman Empire. Today’s writing finds Alexandros alive in the city of Ctesiphon, once grand capital of the Sassanid/Parthian Persian Empire, now provincial metropolis and western capital of the Mongol Empire.

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Finally Writing Again

I’m back! With a sneak peek at the ‘rough cut’ of chapter 14 or so in Iron Tribune.

Hi all, and yes, I’m back. Life happened, between my primary job, my weekend job/volunteer activity, and simply surviving the first two months of school have left me worn out. But I’m back, and finally in the mood to write. To be honest, I wasn’t happy with where some parts of the story were going. Or not going. Or something like that. So I skipped a few chapters. I’ll come back at the end, when I see how the story flowed and how I can build upon it/shore up some foundations.

In other news, it appears I’ll be part of another Steampunk Extravaganza! Super pumped for this! Last time I dropped the price on Brass Legionnaire to 99 cents for a few weeks. I’ll have to see what I want to do this time ;-).

1920px-The_Roman_Empire_ca_400_ADIn the meantime, enjoy this ‘rough cut.’ PS If you closely examine the picture above, you’ll be able to find the location of our current scene 🙂 Continue reading “Finally Writing Again”

Maybe I should write a background non-fiction history?

Musings on creating a non-fiction style history book to go with the Steam Empire Chronicles

Tactical Layout of the H.M.A.S. Scioparto
Tactical Layout of the H.M.A.S. Scioparto

I had a thought. Maybe people would be interested if I wrote a non-fiction style history as an accompaniment to the rest of the novels. Something like “A Roman’s Guide to Modern History: The Roman Empire in the 18th Century.”

Thoughts? Would you buy it?

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