Maybe I should write a background non-fiction history?

Musings on creating a non-fiction style history book to go with the Steam Empire Chronicles

Tactical Layout of the H.M.A.S. Scioparto
Tactical Layout of the H.M.A.S. Scioparto

I had a thought. Maybe people would be interested if I wrote a non-fiction style history as an accompaniment to the rest of the novels. Something like “A Roman’s Guide to Modern History: The Roman Empire in the 18th Century.”

Thoughts? Would you buy it?

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

2 thoughts on “Maybe I should write a background non-fiction history?”

  1. If this backstory would explain and dovetail with the rest of the Roman Steampunk series, yes, I would buy it. Drawings and schematics and maps for the newbie–I have a great imagination, but machinery and tactics and, sadly, compass directions and even left and right confound me (it’s passenger side or drivers side!).

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