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Learn all about the Communication Styles in my world of Romanpunk!

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I thought that I’d put together this handy quick-reference guide to communication in the world of the Steam Empire Chronicles. So click read on to learn more about how Romans (and others) talk with each other! (Besides Latin, Yes, I know they already speak that language.

Written Language As in historical terms, Latin was written using the Roman Alphabet (duh!). Although some letters have been added over the years (with the inclusion of Germanic, Celtic, Native American and Parthian/Persian language words into the lexicon). Written letters are still a very common form of communication, as an ever increasing portion of the population attends school. While literacy in the countryside is less prevalent, most families have at least one person that can read and write Latin. Newspapers and broadsheets are common, and most towns have centralized boards where news can be posted. By order of the Emperor, the village priest or preacher must read allowed all news on the board every 7th day.

Telegraph/Telegram – With the advent of technological advances in electricity, the discovery of the telegraph revolutionized communication in the empire. Previously, the fastest method of communication was the use of the Imperial Courier service (think the  pony express) which connected every far – flung portions of the empire. With railroad, airships, and steam-powered paddle boards and engine technology, mail came faster, but was still limited by the speed of physical transports. Major cities have connections to the telegraphy system, with some rich families (and the Imperial Palace) even having their own. Constantine’s forces in the east have taken to leaving a trail of lines behind them, filling the countryside and villages with interlacing webs of cables.

Wireless (Radio) – The newest technology, limited only to military airships and military facilities. Civilian airships use coded light systems (similar to Morse code) to communicate with ground and other air traffic. These receivers and transmitters are large, and require substantial power infrastructure to support them. While Legion HQ has managed to condense it to a size capable of fitting onto a wagon or transport crawler, this has not made them more durable or robust. Smart commanders bring multiple back up systems, and repair equipment, to supplement their communications ability.

Other Communication Systems – It is known that the Roman Military also uses a version of coded orders with flags and lights to coordinate large battle formations, while the Mongols use a similar ‘pony express’ system for long distance communications. In Nortland, naval transport is the most reliable, as well as skis messengers for cross-county and long distance communication in winter time.

Hope that gives you a clue about my world! Ciao!



Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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