A Field Guide to Temerrit Focus: Leffert’s Folly

A Ten Towns Focus on Leffert’s Folly!

While my recently published D&D 5e module is doing well (check out the Kohtumine: The Great Gathering of Ships)- my next setting module focuses on the interplay between towns and villages in the region called Temerrit. A Field Guide to Temerrit adventure setting will provide ten distinctly different town maps – from small caravan style gatherings to desert outposts to a massive capital city. Each of these can be used as is, or as a stand in to represent a new location of your choosing! Let’s explore Leffert’s Folly, the smallest town setting, today!

Leffert’s Folly is a town named after a disaster. More realistically, Leffert’s Folly is what happens when the central authority in a province collapses, and the thugs and brigands band together. After the ambush and destruction of Mayor Davin Leffert’s rebellion on this hill, the land for miles around was strewn with dead rebels and their belongings. Their attackers, mercenaries under the command of a Palromian General named Gwrawn. The Hobgoblin general slaughtered the hapless rebels. To this day, heavy rains will reveal deceased soldiers in various states of decay. Ghosts, ghouls, and the undead are known to wander Palrom’s Ember and the territory around town.

The town itself is only the most minimal outpost of civilization. Only a handful of permanant buildings surround the only well in town. A single watch tower, newly built, scans the surrounding badlands for intruders. Most of the rest of the town is a haphazard jumble of tent cities and shanty town lean tos. Many of the inhabitants are those who can’t, or won’t, attempt to seek out a living in the major towns and cities of the province. Adventurers and bandits rub shoulders in the only bar in town – Leffert’s Last Hurrah – while treasure seekers and traveling preachers rest in the only inn – The Last Rest inn.

One thing Leffert’s Folly has in abundance is open space. Land here can be claimed by those with the will, and backing, to try and scratch a living. The threat of constant bandit and undead attacks ensures that each small farm is either fortified in the most rudimentary fashion, or that it is close enough to town to call for aid from the bare bones ‘militia’. A single demi-detachment of the Temerrit Legion is the closest to ‘authorities’ the town has, but even they tread lightly, sticking close to the watch tower and the main streets.

So – would your adventurers end up in Leffert’s Folly? Would they attempt to civilize the town, or take advantage of it’s seedier side? The final adventure setting module includes more named locations, an upgraded DM Map, NPCs to match, along with more storytelling and plot hooks for each location!

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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