Year of Accountability 4/26-5/1 – A Milestone reached!

Howdy everyone! Here’s another episode of the Year of Accountability! Lots to share today, plus a highlight of what I’ve been doing this week and my goals for the week ahead.

First, the good news – thanks to you, this blog has hit a record goal this month – more than 1,000 views alone! We’re not even done with April yet! Part of me knows this is somewhat of a bittersweet milestone, as its due to the millions of people staying inside to stay safe from COVID-19, but for me it is still a big deal!

Another piece of good news – My novella is nearly out! If you haven’t taken advantage of the chance to WIN a copy, go and follow me on Twitter for a chance to win a free copy of both The Last Gladiator and Roma Aeronautica!

Here’s where you can find my book blog tour so far! More visits to come this week, so keep checking this space!

If you’d rather support me by pre-ordering a copy of the Last Gladiator directly, you can do so here!

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The only ‘bad’ news of the week is more expected – I was planning to attend two conventions/events this year, and right now both have been canceled – the Gaithersburg book festival and the Shore Leave convention – news that is not unexpected but a might depressing. That is the world we live in and I hope to do some fun things as a ‘stay at home’ convention treat. I’m still holding out some hope for the Renaissance festival in September, but who can tell the future?

So – onto goals for this week!
  1. Keep blogging!
  2. Share at least two other blog tour sites
  3. Keep sharing the pre-order and giveaway options for the Last Gladiator!

In case you missed some of my blog posts from this week!

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