“How do you get inspired to write?” 3 Straightforward Ways to get Inspired

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Hi readers! Today I want to take a look at the toughest question of all – “How do you get inspired to write?”

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I have a Goodreads Question to thank for this blog post – “How do you get inspired to write?” – and it is always a tricky question. For me, I find inspiration in a few different places.

1. Real life – I know, cliche, even though I write alternate history with a heaping does of steampunk. But a lot of current events and situations really do speak to the clash of people and circumstances that is a major theme of steampunk novels. I’m not talking pandemic – too soon, way too soon – but conflict within communities, nations, over resources or cultural differences. All of these make excellent fodder for writing.

2. Music – Depending on who you are, and your musical tastes, I find that music can help you overcome even the toughest writer’s block. For me, it is normally instrumental. But if you’re writing fantasy and haven’t listened to M83’s DSVII album yet, I recommend you do it. Take the video game themes of your childhood, add in electronica beats and flows, and you’ve got some seriously good music to write too. You can find free versions of ‘fantasy role playing’ music online as well. Find the music you think matches the tone of your WIP and let her rip.

3. Imagery – Video games, movies, drawings, paintings, even others’ creations online and in the ‘real world’ can give rise to some of the most amazing scenes and creations. Sometimes even my cover art or interior illustrations will make me think of something new to add to a later novel. I’ve even had ideas from music videos latch onto my brain and push me to start WIPs.

So if you’re stuck, try finding something – be it music, a video game, or some amazing real life stories (historical or current) to help get you inspired.

What inspires you to write? Let me know in the comments below!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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