The Last Gladiator – Progress Update!

Salve! I’ve been making some progress on the Last Gladiator – 13,500 words to be specific. Take a look!

John and Lucia ended up returning to the Ludus, awaiting news from the coliseum. The Ludus was oddly quiet with so many people away. The entire staff had been given a free day to attend the event. As various teams of gladiators completed their events, they would return to the Ludus. Slowly, it filled up as people returned through the day. Lucia spent her free time relaxing in the common room, enjoying one of her most private of pastimes. Reading. She normally avoided reading in the common room, too many busybodies asking her about the book she has, or sneering at a woman reading.

Honestly, most of them can’t read either, and I can’t be bothered to beat all of them up.

As people trickled in, Lucia remained focused on her book. The Adventures of The Barbarian Queen – Amonute the Wild – a collection of stories by the famed biographer Polian Bartholemou. At least the cover isn’t one of those decorated ones. She giggled slightly, turning the page. It would be shocking to some of those here.

That’s it! I can’t give too much away! As always, C&C appreciated!

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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