Hi all,

Been a few days, December has been crazy around here! Managed to sneak some time in for writing tonight, hope you enjoy this new Project 27 Poem – New.

NewThe morning rush
suddenly stops as you enter
The stares come quick and heavy.
Frowns and quizzical looks aboundOh, no. Was that today? It was, it is.New student today. There’s a flurry of hustle and bustle and nervesWill they fit in? Will they merely observe, content to just grin
faking it all throughout a long day? The scramble for journals and folders and papers continuesOh, and could we scrounge up a chair? But somehow your smile just sticks there
Happy for school, happy for classReady to learn,Even if the teacher might have deletedOne too many emails.


As usual I’m still trying hard to find time to write! C&C always appreciated!