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NaNoWriMo2017 is in full swing, and I’ve finally managed to sit down and pound out a few words. Here’s a brief synopsis of Laurel Emperor, my latest (continuing) project.

As always, criticisms and critiques most welcome (it’s a work in progress after all!)

Current Word Count: 53,002

The flames of war march ever closer to Rome as Primus Imperio and heir-to-the-throne Constantine Tiberius Appius leads his men in the dying days of the most brutal civil war Rome has seen in centuries. Having successfully outmatched the invading Mongol menace in STEEL PRAETORIAN, his legions are now free to focus on the true threat, the main rebel army. But it’s leader is a familiar face, bound up with Constantine’s own history. A man willing to do anything, everything, for power.

As both sides race to develop new technological advances, a shadowy war of assassination and sabotage pits daughter against father, and nephew against uncle. Will Constantine and his loyal allies achieve the long sought breakthrough? Or will the pretender to the throne become it’s permanent occupant? Only the victor will tell in LAUREL EMPEROR.