How To Run a D&D Adventure A Second Time in three easy steps!

Welcome to another “how to homebrew…” episode, and you’re desperate because your Dungeons and Dragons (Or Pathfinders) Group wants to go back to where they just were, because they missed some key piece of information. Or perhaps only part of the group has been there, and the rest wants to explore it as well. Never fear, here are three easy steps to help you out (GUARANTEED*************).

Didn’t we just meet last week? Yes, and that’s why I’m ignoring you.

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How to Create Villains – 3 Example Villains for D&D

Need to create a villain or ten for your Dungeons and Dragons (or Pistols and Tomahawks) campaign? I’ll walk you through how I’ve done it, and let you see three examples from my homebrew world. Let’s get cracking!

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So You Want to Homebrew…Creating Custom Missions

Howdy! DM Daniel here helping you create a custom mission for your new homebrew campaign. Writing a campaign is a huge thing, but it often pays to not be incredibly specific at the outset, especially if you aren’t sure what the characters will do, or you’re creating an ‘adventure & exploration!’ campaign. img_2390

So, your characters are finally ready to tackle that Temple of Doom location. How do you plan it? Read on to find out!

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Tallavanor’s Tales: The Grand Circuit

Greetings and welcome to another episode of Tallavanor’s tales. Last time, our heroes explored the creepy mausoleum, found something they couldn’t explain, but decided to leave it be until they could explain it. Back to the Count! Tallavanor, take over!


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Tallavanor’s Tales: Mausoleum Mayhem

Greetings and welcome to another episode of Tallavanor’s tales. Last time, our heroes learned the identify of the ‘monster’ and discovered a coded letter. They decide to head to the Mausoleum, priest in tow. What will they find that they missed the night before? Tallavanor has a longer post today, so more for you to enjoy!

Photo by yours truly! Derwood Forest at Dawn.

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Tallavanor’s Tales: Delving Deeper

Greetings and welcome to another episode of Tallavanor’s tales. Last time, our heroes dealt with a mob, a monster, and a mystery that only seemed to deepen with every passing moment. Into the fray!

environment forest grass leaves
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Expanding the D&D Beginner Campaign

Greetings! Welcome to another post on the D&D Beginner Campaign. Last time, we discussed how to run it solo. Now, after several run-throughs with a diverse group of players, I’ve got some ways to improve and expand the campaign!

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So You Want to Homebrew a D&D Campaign – Part 2 – Expand the Background

DM Daniel here, and it is time to expand your background building. Coming at this from a novelist perspective, there’s so much we can do here! So let’s take a deep dive into the idea of world building – country and culture edition. Click beyond the line to learn more.

Rough Draft of Map
Hey look, a homemade map!

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So you want to Homebrew a D&D Campaign – Part 1 – Game Pitch & Background

Read this background information for my upcoming D&D Campaign I’ll be attempting to run! Let me know what y’all think!

Hi all,

DM Daniel here, wanting to wish you all a very happy new year. With this new year comes new ideas! Such as creating this homebrew D&D Campaign setting. This will be my first Homebrew campaign (also my first non-starter set one) and I don’t want to give away too many bonus details in case my players read this (You know who you are!) So let’s get to it – background time!

The pitch I gave my players was as follows.

You’re soldiers in the royal army. While defending the capital city from an overwhelming attack, you are drafted by your commanding officer, the leader of the Royal Guards, to lead an escort out of the city. Your traveling companion – none other than the six year old heir of Telin. Your mission – get the prince to the southern city of Kurlinburg – no matter the cost.

So there’s the pitch! Read below the line for some more spoilers and background information. This is only part one, and I know that some DMs think more or less information is appropriate for their PCs. I’m not inclined to give them all this information, but writing it out helps me spin my ideas and gets the creative juices flowing. Click the Read More to see the actual background information.

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Tackling the D&D Introduction Campaign Solo (One Player!)

three yellow excavators near front end loader
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Greetings, and welcome to a long post – People seem to enjoy my fictionalization of the various D&D campaigns I seem to be getting drawn into, so forgive me if I lean into that a bit. To start the new year out right, I’m currently working through the beginner campaign – The Lost Mine of Phandelver – with my fiancee, brother, and a few friends. This will not be the most impressive write up, nor will this post be focused on  the actual story – rather, my impressions on running it as a first time Dungeon Master and how it works with a single player character, rather than the usual group.

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