Tallavanor’s Tales – Showdown

Time for another Tallavanor’s Tales! We’re running out of time to deal with the Count’s Kidnappers, so naturally, things come to a head.

Tallavanor’s back with the first part conclusion to last week’s tale. A kidnapping, a thrilling chase, and a clash outside the crypt. It’s a short tale today, as we paused in the middle of the battle. Tallavanor is about ready to take over, so let’s get to it.

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We breached the tomb. The door slammed open and I rolled inside, pistol and rapier at the ready. Behind me, my allies covered my entrance. To my shock, the black mold that had covered the deepest, secret part of the crypt had expanded, and now filled half the topmost crypt chamber. A pillar of ooze and mold rose to the ceiling, next to a familiar face. The Acolyte from the town was here now, emanating a dark energy. The once bright room was hazy and cold.

“I’m here to bring you to justice!” I shouted at him, firing my first shot. It grazed the acolyte, who commanded his minion forward. The ooze raced forward and Gregario charged past me, striking at it. The ooze absorbed all his strikes, before slicing back at him. To my horror, I saw that the body of the hapless carriage driver was now ensconced within the ooze. A quick glanced revealed he was definitely dead. What type of madman sacrifices his own men?

Alastair and Claudia entered the room as well, taking ineffective potshots at the ooze until Alastair managed to freeze off one of the tentacles. I raced in and struck at the ooze, but the slipper floor made me lose my focus. It was as if the ooze was laughing at me, as it avoided my blows and grappled with Gregario. Claudia shouted encouragement and mocked the beast to no avail. The acolyte moved in, and Alastair tried to take the man down a notch, but he made a gesture with his hand and the ooze retreated, forming another pillar that we’d have to deal with.

Gregario was knocked to the ground, and the ooze quickly tried to engulf him. With a massive effort of will, he struggled out, and I managed to finally land a strike. Claudia was in the thick of it now as well, stabbing and twisting with her rapier. Alastair’s floating bee spun around the acolyte’s head, attempting to distract him. We were running out of options, and the enemies just kept rising. We’d have to figure this out, and quick.

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Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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