Year of Accountability 4/5-4/11

Howdy everyone,

So far, the Year of Accountability has seen roughly 40,000 words written! That’s a lot, especially for me! I’m really proud, but so far I’ve only accomplished one goal – completing The Last Gladiator.

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The next goal is to finish the rough draft of A Brief History of New Caesaria. It’s tricky, but definitely fun, as I get to play with both formatting and font in this novella. I’m also going to be making sure that my beta readers get a crack at it each time I finish a small component, so that I can see how I’m doing.

I already said that my goal for this last week was to do nothing. I did a bit more than ‘nothing’ but 5,000 words in this novella is already pretty good. My goals for this week are…

  1. Read a book I promised to read and do a review.
  2. Read a friend’s writing and give feedback.
  3. Blog every day.
  4. Write and work on A.B.H. every day!

So somewhat of a lot to do, but I’m planning on doing my ‘one hour a night’ practice tool, which has always been beneficial for me.

Hang in there folks.

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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