Accountability Post and Goals 1/27-2/2

Hi all, here’s another accountability post to get me working!

Last week’s goals were…

1.) Get to 27,000 Words in Last Gladiator.

2.) Write at least two other blog posts for D&D or other writing.

3.) Tweet at least twice a day, and Facebook Post at least once a day.

What did I accomplish? Well I did not reach 27,000 words in the Last Gladiator, so I’ll keep that goal for this week. I DID write three other blog posts, and I prepared two additional ones for this next week (so yay!). As far as tweeting twice a day and posting on Facebook, I’d say I accomplished that one even if I didn’t post every single day. I was much more active on social media and my sales jumped every so slightly this week. So that’s good news for me!

What should I aim to accomplish this next week?

1.) Get to 27,000 words in the Last Gladiator (need to get this done!)

2.) Tweet out a link to my books at least once per day, or schedule to make it so.

That’s it – last week was really rushed, and I used a lot of my free time to do Dungeons and Dragons things instead, which means that I’ll have a hefty chunk of posts on that, and I’m excited to share those. In the meantime, I’ll need to finish the novella.

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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