Accountability Post and Goals 1/27-2/2

Hi all, here’s another accountability post to get me working!

Last week’s goals were…

1.) Get to 27,000 Words in Last Gladiator.

2.) Write at least two other blog posts for D&D or other writing.

3.) Tweet at least twice a day, and Facebook Post at least once a day.

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Accountability Goals 1/20-1/26

Hi all,

Another Accountability Post here – I’ll keep it straightforward this week.

1.) Get to 27,000 Words in Last Gladiator.

2.) Write at least two other blog posts for D&D or other writing.

3.) Tweet at least twice a day, and Facebook Post at least once a day.

It’s a really crazy week for me (end of the quarter) so I’m attempting to keep my requirements straightforward and easy to achieve.


Accountability Progress 1/19

Greetings! Welcome to another accountability post! Here are this last week’s goals.

Goal: 24,000 Words in The Last Gladiator. 

Goal: Order cover art for The Last Gladiator.

Goal: Register for an event – The Gaithersburg Book Festival!

Click beyond to see the results!

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Year of Accountability – 1/13-1/20

The Year of Accountability rolls on. Now to take the next step! IronTributeIllo2_08_15_15

After the success of our last accountability post I’m really liking how the community helps make sure I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing!

Onto this week’s goals:

Goal: 24,000 Words in The Last Gladiator. This will put me roughly 2 weeks from an ETA on completing the novella.

Goal: Order cover art for The Last Gladiator.

Goal: Register for an event – The Gaithersburg Book Festival!

To be fair, this last one is sort of cheating, as I’ve already sent in the paperwork, but I’m still waiting to hear if I’ve secured a spot.

Ciao! Let’s get typing!

Accountability Progress 1/12

Progress, once made, cannot be unmade. Thus it was, that the results for this week’s goals are now live!

Goal: Get to 21,000 words in The Last Gladiator:

Status: Completed! I managed to finish the big battle scene, and this is a big turning point in the novella.

Goal: Get a Square.

Status: Complete! I can now start taking online payments through Square and am looking to add a purchase tab to the blog (Yay!) Which will make it easier for people to order signed copies. I also should be receiving my free swipe reader any day now, which means that I can use it at my next event!

Goal: Decide which tablet to purchase.

After some online research and a load of discussion with family and relatives, I finally decided to not purchase a tablet. While a tablet at this point would really help me do more at events, I think I would do better to spend money on a banner for advertising at an event. My phone can use the Square app with the card reader, so a tablet isn’t critical.

Also, as my book proceeds are the thing directly funding this purchase, I’m somewhat limited in what I can and can’t purchase at this time. So was the goal met? No, but I’ll say that it will be shelved for a while until it’s need becomes more apparent.

Ciao! Look for a new Weekly accountability post tomorrow!

– Daniel


Writing and Life Goals for the Future, and how to Achieve them!

July Goals and a personal challenge: Also a chance to be a beta reader for Copper Centurion!

Hi all,

So I know it has been a while since I last posted, but I have excuses…er… I mean reasons! I swear!.

First, for those of you who live on the Eastern Seaboard of the USA, you know what terrible storms we’ve been having. We lost power here for about 5 days, and just got it back on the 4th of July. I also just went through the whole house-buying process and am now the proud owner of my own home.

So yes, it’s been a busy week. But I’m looking towards the future now, and it excites me. Why? Many reasons.

First, Now that I’ve got a steady job and a place to call my own, I can focus on finishing up the other loose ends that I’m still dealing with. Namely, my education. I’m on track to graduate with a Masters in December. Of course, I have to make it till then! Second, I just finished up my first full month of being a published author, and it was awesome! I sold over fifty books this month. I know many people will probably think that’s lame or sad, but the way I see it, it is a small stepping stone to something bigger. I got a lot of reviews and they were all really good! So that’s something else to cheer about.

What do I have going on besides that? Why, Copper Centurion of course! Due to the power outages and such, I’ve been behind. I’m also going on vacation next week, so I’m behind there as well. Grr. But I’m sticking with my goal of completing Copper Centurion by the end of this month. Did I mention I also have to complete a huge chunk of Grad school work by then as well before I go on a long vacation again?! Yea… Looks like I’ll be living on the computer until then!

Goals: At least two thousand words for the book per day.

And at least one paper/assignment for school per day.

oh, AND one blog post per week.


How will I achieve these goals?

1.) Patience and Perseverance – I’m going to literally make myself sit and type away every day.

2.) I know what distracts me. So I’m turning off the internet – as possible. I’m actually in an online masters program, so that’s not always a possibility. However, I’ve learned a cool trick where you get rid of all your bookmarks by using a different browser than the one you normally use. I used to spend hours of time reading the Washington Post online, but after I removed the bookmark from my toolbar, I’ve stopped!

3.) Accountability – First off, I’m academically accountable, but secondly, I’m also accountable to my beta readers, who I’ve already lined up for early August. If I have to move it, then it makes me look bad (and lazy!).

Now, I hope to keep you updated on the progress of these goals, but first I must give you the starting points.

Right now, I’ve completed 17000/80000 words (that’s the end goal amount for book two)

School wise, I’ve finished 4/20 assignments.

Now, time to get to work! If you’ve got any tips or tricks to finishing up the work quicker, or eliminating distractions, let me know! Also, if you’re interested in being a beta reader for Copper Centurion, send me an email through the contact page above.

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