The Last Gladiator – 20,000 Words!

Howdy! Another checkpoint, another snippet from The Last Gladiator! Remember, if you like what you read, then get my first novel – Brass Legionnaire – and explore the world of the Steam Empire Chronicles! Only 99 cents at Amazon and Barns and Noble! (Affiliate Links, FYI).

The situation must be worse than she feared. Lucia’s tunnel vision on driving forced her to turn the chariot to follow the curve of the stadium, and she hauled on the reins, the horse hooves pounding the hard-packed dirt surface. The turn brought her back into view of the combat.

The mechagladiator had charged ahead, and it’s entire backside was unguarded. A hemisphere of gladiators on foot approached the front, some hidden by the massive bulk of the machine. The ranks of gladiators had withdrawn for a moment, leaving one of their dead in their wake as the mechagladiator. Lucia forced the thought out of her mind as she flicked the reins onward.

“Try now!”

Sarat adjusted his footing slightly. John ducked down, giving Sarat as much room to work as possible. With the distance closing fast, he made his throw. The explosive javelin flew through the air, striking just behind the machine’s shoulder. The resulting explosion spooked the horses and forced Lucia to cover her eyes. The enemy pilot reacted quickly, but instead of turning to face the chariot, he pushed his machine forward. The thundering foot-falls shook the ground as he charged towards the left flank of the gladiator attack. Lucia pulled the reins right to follow, hoping to give Sarat another chance.

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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