Project 27 – Substitute

Meet the next part of Project 27 – Substitute!

Thought I’d do another one especially applicable in this, Flu-Season.

Also, as a reminder, please get your Flu Shot – signed, your loving not wanting to be writing sub plans friendly neighborhood teacher.

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By Daniel Ottalini

No other word
Breeds fear amongst teachers
And giddiness within children.

When the ill-fated winds
Of January Flu blows
In comes
The teacher
No-one knows

One down, two down, three down, more
Round the building it will go
Plans written in the early morning
Make little sense to those
Still staying, still holding
They scramble this way and that

Copies missing
Copies forgot
Students left out on the blacktop

The teacher prays
Just schedule our PD on a holiday
No more plans, no more pain
No more notes about Steven
ripping up his homework

Brave are the souls who enter these halls
When children would rather be chasing
Soccer balls
Spring air drives their bodies so
Hearts pounding
Substitutes shouting

Some are nice, some not so
Others need
The paycheck to go
Hear their feet out the door
Will they return?

At least, we know
The teacher returns
To ruin
To miracle?
She hopes the classroom hasn’t burned.
At last
the substitute takes a weary breath
And prepares for it again
the next day.

Author: Daniel Ottalini

Author of the Award-Winning Steam Empire Chronicles Series

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